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Thursday, 16 May 2013

                         Timetable for End2End
 Starting 21st July 2013 
                       Dates                                      Town                                                Miles
             July      21st          Sunday                        Wick to tongue                                   79 miles
                 22nd      Monday                       Tongue to Inverness                           89 miles
                 23rd      Tuesday                       Inverness toNorth Ballachulish          78 miles
                 24th      Wednesday                 N.Ballachulish  to Tarbert                   82 miles 
                 25th      Thursday                     Tarbert to Ilse of Arran                       79 miles  
                 26th      Friday                    Isle of Arran to Ardrossan  to Dunfries    78miles
                 27th      Saturday                        Dunfries to Ambleside                      80 miles 
                 28th      Sunday                      Ambleside to Southport                        82 miles
                29th      Monday                      Southport to Shrewsbury                    94 miles
                30th      Tuesday                     Shrewsbury to Monmouth                   71 miles
  August  31st       Wednesday                Monmouth to Glastonbury                  69 miles
                1st        Thursday                    Glastonbury to Okehampton               73 miles
                2nd       Friday                         Okehampton to Padstow                     59 miles
                3rd        Saturday                    Padstow to LANDS END                    59 miles

                                                                                                                Total 1072 miles 

                                     Please pick a day or towns and come Join me and support
                                                                Mens Prostate Cancer.
                                                       Be great to see you!!     Thanks Chris…

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